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Ayush Procon Private Limited is a construction and engineering company that specializes in the execution of civil engineering projects such as roads, road structures, bridges, and building construction projects.The growing need to deliver cost effective construction solution without compromising on quality places a demand for innovation, attention to details, and a knowledge driven approach towards management of the construction supply chain. Ayush Procon Private Limited has a robust capacity to proffer solutions to highly demanding construction projects that place a demand on expertise and ability to deploy heavy machinery to construction sites. We have attracted a wide range of construction professionals to form a formidable team of constructions experts. The dedication of our employees and our culture of excellence set our service apart from our competitors. We build the foundation of our company on leading western construction systems which we have further enhanced with cutting edge technology. We leverage in depth knowledge of construction techniques and world class project management standards to deliver quality and cost effective solutions in all our project engagements. We continue to add innovation to our construction techniques and management standards with a focus on adding value to our customers.
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To add value to the engineering and construction industries through innovative designs, use of quality of materials, cutting edge technology, and demonstration of the highest standards of engineering process

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We have access to a vast array of heavy equipment used in the construction industry as well as professionally trained operators who deploy the equipment to construction sites. Moreover, with our team of engineers, we can handle projects from design to completion in house. This capacity enables us to undertake highly demanding projects and complete them on schedule
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We have had great success building in locations that present difficulty with access or logistical challenges. We recognize the need for planning, sequencing, and execution during each phase of the project. We personally supervise all of our projects to ensure the highest level of quality and craftsmanship right from the start to finish. Currently the company is working on the National Highway project. The Directors of the company Mr. Dayal Rajan Pillai , Mr. Somesh Rathod , Mr. Mihir Kangad and Mr.
Yuvraj Rajan , are having an expertise in the field of construction business.